January 7, 2021


Three authors with well-earned popularity come from different perspectives to make a point about fulfillment in your life.

David Keirsey says that fulfillment and satisfaction look different for people of different temperaments.  People look for experiences that suit their own values. (Please Understand Me II)

Zalman Schacter-Shalomi says that as we age, it is important to harvest our lives, that is, to gather in and feed upon and benefit from the lives we’ve lived. (From AGE-ING to SAGE-ING)

Ira Progoff says : “As we look carefully at our lives, the past experiences gradually fit into place, times of exaltation and times of despair, moments of hope and anger, crises and crossroads, partial failures and successes….We gradually discover that our life has been going somewhere, however blind we have been to its direction and however unhelpful to it (our conscious selves) may have been.  We find that a connective thread has been forming beneath the surface of our lives, carrying the meaning that has been trying to establish itself in our existence.  It is the continuity of our lives.” (At a Journal Workshop)

It’s an appropriate time to mentally step back from the constant steam of life in order to notice and appreciate what has gone well.  The purpose in doing this is two-fold: First, to simply enjoy a bit of harvest, to take it in, savor it, and be strengthened by it.   Secondly, to say to ourselves, “Hmm, if that has worked well; I can do some more of that.”

Thought-Starter Questions for Sharing

Relationships – What has worked well with regard to people you’ve chosen to…

  1. Be close to
  2. Be faithful to
  3. Confide in
  4. Listen to
  5. Learn from
  6. Avoid
  7. Give up on
  8. Protect yourself from

Leisure, Fun

  1. How do you think about playing?
  2. What kind of play has been most satisfying?
  3. What have you learned about teams?
  4. What new enjoyments have you found?
  5. How has play affected your feelings about yourself and other people?
  6. What activity has been the most pure pleasure?
  7. What do you do now that is purely for pleasure?

Inner Life – What has gone well in…

  1. Your personal growth?
  2. Your increased understanding?
  3. Your emotional stability?
  4. Your comfort with yourself?

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