Meeting Format on Thursdays, 1:00-2:30 pm on ZOOM

This group is a fellowship of men and women who share experience, strength, and hope with each other so that we will all learn how to maintain happiness.

We remind ourselves of choices that lead to happiness. (from Older, Wiser, Happier by P. Clay Carter).

We are likely to be somewhere along the continuum rather than at one extreme. By reading, we remind ourselves of the crucial choices that are affecting our well-being.

  1. Chooser or Victim

Making Choices ___________________or_____________________Feeling Powerless

  • Adaptable or  Rigid

Adapting to Life’s Stages and Circumstances __or ___Being Captive to Futile Habits

  • Aware or Oblivious

Fully Aware of Physical and Emotional Realities __or____ Hiding Behind Diversions

  • Purposeful or Adrift  

Having Satisfying Purpose ___________or Drifting in Search Of Pleasure

  • Fulfilled or Surviving

Meeting Basic Human Needs _________or________ Settling for Survival

  • Real or Roles

Showing True Self in Relationships ____or______ Presenting Acceptable Impressions

  • Peaceable or Contentious

Seeking Harmony in Mind and Relationships or Being Constantly Aware of Irritations

  • Spiritual or Physical

Attending to Intangible Influences_____ or Heeding Only Physical Reality

  • Helpful or Self-Absorbed

Helping Others ____________________or _ Obsessed by My Own Needs

  1. Together or Solitary

Part of Genuine Community _________ or _______ Emotional Separation

  • At this time we will give our names and share what has our primary attention at this time.
  • Relaxation  – 12-14 minute guided relaxation

Ground Rules

  1. We respect and maintain the confidentiality of the group. What is said in the group is not to be repeated or discussed at any other time or place.
  2. We may share what we have said or felt in the group, without reference to other group members.
  3. We listen respectfully and avoid giving advice.
  4. We have the right to ask questions of the group, but refrain from asking probing questions of other group members.
  5. We accept people just as they are; we avoid making judgments.
  6. We give everyone an opportunity to share.
  7. We have the right to speak and the right to remain silent.
  8. We give supportive attention to the person who is speaking and avoid side conversations.
  9. We avoid interrupting. If we do break in, we return the conversation to the person who was speaking.
  10. We talk about what is present to us now and avoid telling lengthy stories about the past.
  11. We do not discuss group members who are not present.
  12. We each share the responsibility for making this group work.
  • Speaker for the Day and Topic for the Day
  • Members are invited to speak as they wish, keeping in mind our ground rules.
  • Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

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