Inevitable Choices of Aging

  1. Chooser or Victim

Making Choices or Feeling Powerless

  • Adaptable or  Rigid

Adapting to Life’s Stages and Circumstances or Being Captive to Futile Habits

  • Aware or Oblivious

Fully Aware of Physical and Emotional Realities or Hiding Behind Diversions

  • Purposeful or Adrift  

Having Satisfying Purpose or Drifting in Search Of Pleasure

  • Fulfilled or Surviving

Meeting Basic Human Needs or Settling for Survival

  • Real or Roles

Showing True Self in Relationships or Presenting Acceptable Impressions

  • Peaceable or Contentious

Seeking Harmony in Mind and Relationships or Being Constantly Aware of Irritations

  • Spiritual or Physical

Attending to Intangible Influences or Heeding Only Physical Reality

  • Helpful or Self-Absorbed

Helping Others or Obsessed by My Own Needs

  1. Together or Solitary

Part of Genuine Community or Emotional Separation

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